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Local Men Active At Assembly: Rock, Bailey Attend: Lambertson To Be Doorkeeper

Source: Anderson Daily Bulletin, Anderson, Indiana, Wednesday, January 7, 1959, page 1.

Local Men Active At Assembly

Rock, Bailey Attend; Lambertson To Be Doorkeeper

Madison County's Democratic members of the Indiana 1959 General Assembly will be sworn into office tomorrow, and most of them reported to the state capitol this forenoon for a preliminary rehearsal arranged for state representatives. A number of local Democrats will attend the Assembly opening Thursday.

State Rep. Robert Rock and State Rep. J.J. Bailey, both of Anderson, reported at the state capitol at 11 a.m. today for a rehearsal session to prepare for tomorrow's opening.

Other Democrat members of the State Legislature from this area who will report for tomorrow's Assembly opening are as follows:

John Kirkpatrick, Fortville, joint representative from Hancock and Madison counties.

Melvin Watson, Greenfield, joint senator from Henry, Madison and Hancock counties.

George McDermott, Alexandria, a Republican, is a holdover member of the state senate.

The only appointment confirmed thus far from Madison county for a post in the General Assembly is that of Robert Lambertson, Alexandria, as doorkeeper. Mr. Lambertson is Democratic chairman in Pct. 5 Monroe Twp. His wife is Mary Lambertson, clerk in the County Planning office.

Reps. Rock and Bailey are making plans for preparing a measure for presentation before the General Assembly that would assure protection for property owners against sale of their property for delinquent taxes unless they have been notified. The bill is designed to assure owners have knowledge of a contemplated sale and to prevent loss of homes through sale for taxes.

A number of prominent local Democrats will attend the Assembly opening, including Mayor Ralph R. Ferguson and others.

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