Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pearl Lambertson's 89th Birthday Anniversary

Source: Anderson Daily Bulletin, Anderson, Indiana, Friday, June 9, 1967, page 3.

BETHANY - Mr. and Mrs. John Barger and family entertained with a family reunion at their home in honor of Mrs. Barger's aunt, Mrs. Pearl Lambertson's eighty-ninth birthday anniversary. A pitch-in dinner was the highlight of the noon hour. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lambertson of Weingate, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lambertson, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest VanNess, Mrs. Lena Fetz, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lambertson and son, Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Priest, Lynn Priest and Ronald Priest, all of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hershberger, all of Summittville; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hornell and sons Jimmy and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher, all of Lapel; Mr. and Mrs. Clemon Lambetson, Charles Barger, the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. John Barger and children, Valerie and Brent.

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Travis - I love these posts. I grew up in a small town where outsiders would have seen these types of articles as "gossip" but in a rural area this was "news"

One idea: have you thought of placing this info in a wiki format? I am using MediaWiki (the backend platform for Wikipedia) and placing these types of articles for the residents of Lowville NY in a wiki. See,_C.V.