Friday, May 29, 2009

Gossip column gets facts incorrect

Source: Tipton Tribune, Tipton, Indiana, Thursday, November 30, 1911, page 6


Carrie Lambert, wife and son of Elwood spent from Friday until Monday with their daughter Mrs. Omer Whisler and family.

Mrs. Omer Whisler and children Mr. and Mrs. Carrie Lambertson of Elwood spent Sunday with Henry Baitz and family.

Comment: Apparently, newspapers were getting their facts wrong even a hundred years ago. Both of these snippets of local gossip concern the same families. Carey W. Lambertson (1847-1918) probably didn't appreciate his name being butchered in the paper. Apparently, he and his wife, Clara (Cook) Lambertson were visiting their daughter, Lola May (Lambertson) Whisler and her husband, Omer. Not only did the newspaper spell the name incorrectly, but the lack of the comma in the second article makes it seem that Mr. and Mrs. Lambertson are the children of Mrs. Omer Whisler when in fact it is the other way around. I do not know the connection to the Henry Baitz family.

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