Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip throughout Ohio

Source: Tipton Tribune, Tipton, Indiana, Thursday, August 12, 1915, page 7.

Mr. and Mrs. Omer Whisler and daughter Edna and son Harry, and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Lambertson, of Cicero, left last Thursday morning in the former's machine for a trip through Ohio, they returned Tuesday and traveled three hundred and fifty-five miles without a single mishap and had fine weather and roads. They visited in Dayton, also went to the soldiers home at that place and visited at Middletown, Germantown and Eaton. They reported a hail storm in some parts of Ohio on Sunday afternoon and much rain. Mr. and Mrs. Lambertson, of Elwood, parents of Mrs. Whisler looked after the home of Mr. and Mrs. Whisler during their absence.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher and son Ralph of near Cicero, spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Lambertson at the Whisler home.

Comment: A trip that we might take for granted today must have been quite an experience in 1915. Sounds like they were visiting Lambertson relatives back in Ohio. Nelson J. Lambertson, a great-uncle to Charles Lambertson and Lola (Lambertson) Whisler, was a resident of the National Military Home in Dayton. He was a Civil War veteran. The towns of Middletown and Germantown were areas where Lambertson members were known to have resided.

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