Friday, October 23, 2009

I Tweeted For The First Time

I took an historic step today and "tweeted" for the first time today.

I finally signed up for Twitter and you can find me @tjlgenes. So far, all I've managed to do is to open my account, add some friends who were in my contact list to follow, and join the Genealogy Surnames Group at Twitter.

My first "tweet" was pretty simple and straightforward:

I just joined the Genealogy Surnames Twitter Group so stop by and see us. #surnames

Not much to shout about, but it is a start. I'm hoping that I can learn how to use the service to connect with others who are researching my surnames. Plus, I can always follow the tweets of my favorite geneabloggers and other celebrities.

I hope to use Twitter on Surname Saturday as well as use the #genealogy hashmark to reach other searchers.

Hopefully it will be as much fun to meet new researchers as Facebook has been....

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