Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sam the Music Man

When I think of musical ancestors, I think of the LAMBERTSON family. My grandmother told me that the family was very musically inclined and mentioned that many members were talented with the piano, banjo, etc.

The above photograph is of my maternal 2nd-great grand-uncle, SAMUEL S. LAMBERTSON (1875-1911). Every time I see this photograph, I'm intrigued by the man. Obviously, he was very proud of his banjo - wonder why this picture was taken? Did he play publicly? If so, I've been unable to discover any articles that give details.

Samuel LAMBERTSON was born January 11, 1875 in Preble County, Ohio, the son of Carey W. and Clara E. (COOK) LAMBERTSON. He married Ida M. STONE on March 19, 1897 in Tipton County, Indiana. They had one child, name yet unknown, who died between 1897-1900. They were enumerated in Hamilton County, Indiana in the 1900 census. Ida died June 19, 1900 of spinal meningitis in Hamilton County. Samuel remarried to Nellie H. LEARY on July 22, 1908 in Marion County, Indiana. They were enumerated in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana in the 1910 census. Samuel died October 15, 1911 in Elwood and is buried in the Elwood City Cemetery.

Samuel's obituary in the Tipton Tribune stated that he was a sufferer of Bright's disease, but that his friends didn't think he was in so serious a condition.

There are others in the family who are descended from the Lambertson line who have displayed musical talent, but my piano playing days ended rather early in my career. Today I wish I had stuck with the lessons I took in elementary and junior high. Music is great for the soul and I wish I could express some of the songs I have in my head.

Written for the 83rd Carnival of Genealogy(COG 83).


Jasia said...

First off, thanks for participating in the COG and for promoting it on your blog!!!

I know what you mean about wishing you had stuck with it, Travis. I too wish I had stuck with my music lessons. I had my chance at violin and piano lessons but didn't stick them very long. I didn't stick with any of the foreign languages I learned either but that's a whole other story, isn't it? ;-)

It's probably not too late for you though is it? Have you thought about taking up an instrument again now? I'll bet you'd be much more dedicated this time around!

Travis LeMaster said...

Right now I don't think I'd have the time to dedicate to it, but perhaps someday. I've managed to do better with the German I took in high school & college - have been able to help my daughters a bit with homework.