Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt # 42

Prompt: Campaign for the politicians in your family tree. If you don’t have one, research the political leaders in your ancestors’ city, county, or state and share the information.

There have been a few politicians in my family tree. My dad ran and served for several years on the school board of the Alexandria-Monroe Community Schools. I was already out of high school before he was elected, but my brother and sister were still in school when he served. I remember checking on the returns from college and being proud when I found out that he had won.

Another politician in the family that I can remember hearing about was my maternal great-aunt, Martha LAMBERTSON, who served as the Madison County Indiana Recorder. She served during the 1980s, I believe, but I'm not sure.

Thomas KING (1817-1864), a maternal 3rd-great granduncle, served in the Indiana Legislature during the 1850s from Madison County.

I'm sure that there have been more politicians that I've forgotten about in my family. This blog prompt has reminded me of another area of research to examine.

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