Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday: Kinexxions

One of the first genealogy blogs that I stumbled upon, and one that has inspired me to keep blogging is Becky Wiseman's Kinexxions blog.

Though I haven't found a connection yet to any of her lines in Indiana, Becky has managed to pack her blog with meaningful and interesting posts about her ancestors. Most recently, she has been blogging from the road, posting pictures of the places where her ancestors lived and making history come to life.

Because of Becky, I've started posting Tombstone Tuesday and other geneablogging meme posts. In fact, it was through her blog that I discovered the Geneabloggers group.

In my opinion, her blog is one that everyone should check out as an example of how to make genealogy more than just a collection of names and dates.

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