Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent Calendar - December 7 - Holiday Parties

It seems like it was easier to get all of the family together when I was a kid than it does now.  I can remember on Christmas Eve gathering at my grandmother WRIGHT's house for dinner and on Christmas day, after opening our presents, we would head over to my grandmother LeMASTER's.

The parties were the main times that we were able to all come together as a family.  At my grandma WRIGHT's it was a smaller crowd because of the family size, but we had cousins on both sides that were about the same age.  There were always someone to play games with.

As an adult, the holiday parties have shifted to my in-laws and my parents.  We don't always get together exactly on Christmas eve or Christmas day, but we manage to try to assemble at some point during the holidays to exchange gifts and catch up.

As I recall, we would open a few gifts on Christmas eve that came from Grandma and relatives.  One particular I remember was the year I opened up a box of rocks.  As the shock was settling in, grandma brought out the real gift, a pogo stick, which was too large to wrap.  I never did figure out quite how to use that thing, but I still remember receiving it.

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