Saturday, December 12, 2009

Surname Saturday: Lewis

The LEWIS surname appears in Eileen's maternal line. The line stretches back into Canada just after the time of the American Revolution, but it's ultimate origins have not been discovered.  Quite possible that the family was American with Loyalist ties.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel # 48: Nathaniel LEWIS (1791-1830).  Nathaniel was born July 13, 1791 in Canada.  He married Nancy Ann SNYDER. Nancy was born August 31, 1794 in Colchester Township, Essex County, Ontario.  They moved to Montgomery County, Ohio before 1820 and Wayne County, Indiana before 1830.  Nathaniel died October 20, 1830 in Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana and Nancy died October 17, 1830 in Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana.  Both are buried in Ulrich Baptist Cemetery, Hagerstown, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 24: Solomon LEWIS (1820-1895).  Solomon was born January 9, 1820 in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Solomon married Margaret RINEHART on January 31, 1841 in Henry County, Indiana.  Margaret was born July 6, 1822 in Henry County, Indiana.  Solomon was a farmer and they raised their family in Huntington County, Indiana.  Solomon died December 18, 1895 in Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 12: Jacob LEWIS (1847-1898).  Jacob was born January 17, 1847 in Huntington County, Indiana.  Jacob married first to Laura GROFF on March 30, 1871 in Huntington County, Indiana.  After her death, Jacob married Marietta COOK on November 28, 1878 in Wabash County, Indiana.  Marietta was born April 6, 1855 in Grant County, Indiana.  Jacob died April 22, 1898 in Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 6: Lawrence Solomon LEWIS (1885-1947).  Lawrence was born March 30, 1885 in Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.  Lawrence married Ruth Alice SILLS on February 24, 1906 in Dora, Wabash County, Indiana.  Ruth was born March 29, 1889 in Dora, Wabash County, Indiana. They had 12 children in Wabash County, Indiana.  Lawrence died June 26, 1947 in Dora, Wabash County, Indiana.

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