Monday, March 01, 2010

Matlida (Sherrick) Over photo

One of the benefits of posting my genealogy information on this blog has been making contact with others who are related and are willing to share information. After I posted about Matilda (Sherrick) Over, I was contacted by Paul Over, who sent me the following photograph.

Source: Over, Matilda (Sherrick), Photograph. ca. 1924. Digital image. Privately held by Paul Over.

This is a photograph of the wedding of Matilda's grandson, Leon Clair Over to Louise Haynes circa 1924.  Matilda is the lady on the right with a white kerchief tied in a bow around her neck.  She was Paul Over's great-great-grandmother.

Finds like these are what makes genealogy fun and relevant.  It also encourages me to continue posting what information I have so that others might find benefit.

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