Monday, March 08, 2010

One Obituary Not Conclusive Enough

It seems like forever since I discovered the obituary for Nathan Thomas BEALS in the Noblesville, Indiana Daily Ledger.  

Now even though the obituary did state word was received from Leola, Arkansas he had died, the obituary didn't exactly state  he died in Leola.  A search of the Arkansas Death Index from didn't locate him either, so all I really have is a date of death.  

One obituary record on this side of the country is simply not conclusive enough.

Today I finally sent out a letter to the Grant County Library in Sheridan, Arkansas, hoping that they might have a local obituary for Nathan that might shed more light on exactly where and how he died.

I also need to do more local research in Hamilton County, Indiana to find out what he was doing before he moved to Arkansas. 

The search continues....


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