Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Memories of Virgil Lee Wright (1894-1972)

Virgil Lee Wright (1894-1972) was my maternal great-grandfather.  While I don't have any memories of him to share, my cousin Charlie High shared some of the following tidbits:

"Virgil hid his Salem cigarettes in my cattles' corn born bin.  He was always at the fairs when I showed my cattle and he came and visited me in El Paso, Texas while I was in AIT training in the Army.  Bob and Barbara Webster brought him down there."

Another tidbit was relied by Charlie "a guy at the feed barn named Ernie Rector said his family was in a thrashing ring with Virgil and many locals such as Blackledge, Goldie Freese and many more, John and Mike Wright, etc."  I had no idea what a thrashing ring was, until I looked it up on Google and found this book:

Charlie also told me that he named his first steer after Virgil, called him "Virg". 

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