Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Add Another Online Tree Or Not?

Currently, I have an online database of my entire genealogical database, tjlgenes, online at WorldConnect. While I use this primarily as a source of backup for my data, I've also been contacted by distant cousins who've been kind enough to share corrections and additions through the "post-em" service.

Now that I'm an Ancestry.com subscriber, I've also been able to find others who share a common ancestry and have posted their family trees and photos on the site.  Just recently, I was able to connect with a member of my wife's extended family, and we are in the process of sharing information.  Since Ancestry.com gives you an option to post a family tree on the site as well, I'm debating whether I should create one.

I'm all in favor of sharing my information as far and as wide as possible, but I'm not sure of the best way to create a tree on Ancestry.  Should I upload the whole GEDCOM, or just create a tree one branch at a time?  Should I make it one big tree, or several smaller, independent branches.  Perhaps I'm over thinking the whole process.

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Earline Hines Bradt said...

Hi Travis,
I have several online trees. I have started one on Ancestry.com for my family and recently started one for my husband's family. I didn't upload a gedcom because I didn't have one when I started, but that would be the fastest way to go. You should put your tree on the site if you would like to make more connections and share information.

Apple said...

I have several different trees at ancestry.com. I added specific branches as I found others that were interested in a line and then invited them as editors. Some contribute more than others but all seem to appreciate not having to wade through information on lines they are not interested. The draw back to having several trees is where they overlap. Updating one tree does not update them all so I end up duplicating my work.

Travis LeMaster said...

Thanks everyone. I've taken your suggestions and added a GEDCOM. May play around with it and see if it would be better to split into the various families.