Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Location Errors

 I'm always grateful when someone sees my database and contacts me, even if it is to make a correction.  Jack Howell contacted me about the death location I had at Rootsweb for David McPheeters, which I had placed as 1784 in Botetourt County, Kentucky.

Obviously, there is no such place as Botetourt County, Kentucky.  If he died in Botetourt County, then it had to be in Virginia.  If he really died in Kentucky in 1784, the death must have taken place in one of the 3 counties formed in 1780 out of Kentucky County, Virginia : Fayette, Jefferson, or Lincoln.

My source for his death date was a genealogy compiled by Helen Rice McPheeters.  Unfortunately, I don't have access right now to this book to look and see where the error lies.Either I wrote the information down incorrectly from the book, or it is cited incorrectly in the book.  Right now I'm leaning towards my error!

© 2010, copyright Travis J. LeMaster


Barbara said...

Travis, If you give me the title of the book, I can see if it is in Boston, then I'll look it up.

Travis LeMaster said...

That would be too kind!

The book is simply "The McPheeters family" by Helen Rice McPheeters, 1956 publishing date.