Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ancestor Approved

I'm honored to have been awarded the 'Ancestor Approved' award by Theresa at Tangled Trees and Julie at GenBlog. Now I have to pass it on to others in the geneablogger community, as well as list 10 things that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me through my genealogical research.


1. By how much there still is to learn about my family, even after all these years of working on my genealogy.

2. To find out that I'm my own cousin several times over - I'm a victim of pedigree collapse.

3.  That so many 'skeletons' aren't so bad when seen in the light of today.  People are people, the really interesting ones make the newspapers!


4. By the courage of my ancestors who made the decision to journey to a new world - whether to escape persecution, seek fortune or simply start anew.

5. To find that so many others are willing to help share their research expertise and go the 'extra mile' to help out a fellow genealogist.

6. The sacrifices made by those who served in times of war to protect our freedoms or to ensure that others had the same chances.


7. To find out that I had a Mayflower ancestor - Stephen Hopkins (still need to 'prove' it)

8. With a desire to gain knowledge of the history of the times my ancestors lived, whether it be colonial days or Civil War

9. To find that I'm not the only one out there - there is a great community of geneabloggers on the Internet, each with their own story to tell.

10. By the fact that no piece of evidence should be overlooked, and that the case is never closed on a genealogical conclusion!

10 Geneablogs Who Do Their Ancestors Proud:

There are so many good geneablogs out there, with new ones added all the time.  Check out Geneabloggers for a complete list.

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Barbara said...

Travis, Thank you so much for the award, it was very nice of you, but I think you already know that I don't accept them. On another matter, I'm glad you connected with a cousin (from your Nothing More Known at this Time), and I see you have Middlesex Co., MA (where I live)and Windham Co., CT where I have a lot of anc., so maybe yet we will connect. If you had Alden instead of Hopkins (or the other way around), then we'd be cousins! Thank you again.

T.K. said...

Your second remark made me laugh. I don't know why it has never occurred to me to figure out how I'm related to myself!