Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Clubs

The following are some tidbits from a personal interview with my mom about her family: [William and Bonnie (Lambertson) Wright]

Were your parents active in any clubs?

Mom and dad were members of the Elks.  At that time it was more private - teachers and professionals, etc.  "What you saw up there stayed up there."  Mom and dad did a lot of dancing up there.  Your dad and I belonged there for awhile.

The Elks took drinkers to fund it.  Mom and dad would have a drink, but were not heavy drinkers.  Some folks would spend $50 to $100 a night there.  The Elks were considered 'upper class', hard liquor crowd.  The Eagles was a blue-jean, factory worker, beer-drinking crowd.

The Elks used to have tip-boards back when you couldn't gamble.  One year dad won a stuffed Santa there.  I always think of him when we pull it out for Christmas.

Mom may have been in a sorority when she was first married, but I don't know for sure. 

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A rootdigger said...

I wonder if that would be anywhere classification. I remember different people and the clubs they belonged in Minnesota. I had noted their loyalty. Any Masons?

Wonder too about records kept and members if they would give the information out to us?