Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jay County (IN) Journal : May 2010

Yesterday, I received the latest Jay County Journal, the newsletter of the Jay County Historical Society.  Once again, my membership in this society was rewarded with a few tidbits in their newsletter to add to my research.

One of the articles in the newsletter was about common school graduations.  Not only did I learn some interesting facts about how common schools operated in the State of Indiana and in Jay County, but the newsletter published a few older programs from school graduations.  

Because of this publication, I discovered that in 1911, my paternal 2nd-great granduncle, Dr. W.A. CHEW, was the president of the Salamonia Board of Education.  William Anderson CHEW was a local doctor in Salamonia for many years, but I didn't realize he was also involved with the schools of the area.  Glancing over the list of names of the graduates from the various townships and towns that year, I noticed his son, Forest CHEW, was listed as a graduate from Salamonia.

The newsletter also published the 1915 program, and my paternal grandaunt, Clara Elnora HALEY, was listed as a graduate from Noble Township.

There were many other names mentioned that seemed familiar, and I will need to examine the newsletter further for more clues.

It is so nice to have this society publish this type of information.  Even though the clues didn't solve any mysteries, they add to overall picture of the family and make the ancestors more 'real'.

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