Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Politics

The following are some tidbits regarding politics from a personal interview with my mother:

What can you tell me about your family and politics?

Lambertson's were Democrats, the Wright's were Republicans.
Martha Lambertson was Madison County [Indiana] Recorder, as a Republican

Daddy couldn't declare his politics because he worked for the post office.  He never voted in the primary.

[off-topic]: Dad loved to work the "Little Fooler" puzzle, believe it was from the Chicago paper.  Loved to work that every week.  At the post office, he was considered the money order clerk; Henry Brown worked at one side of the window, dad at the other.  Dad had to take a sorting pitch test every year and could only miss so many in a certain amount of time.  I remember him practicing at home.  Dad was an avid reader; both mom and dad were - they were in three book clubs at one time.  They were always going to the used book stores.  Mom liked Harlequin's - quick reads and you didn't have to think. They both loved Michener novels, John Jakes novels, etc.

What about Wendell Willkie; did your mom tell you anything about his 1940 campaign in Elwood? 

Just that she was in the parade.

[off-topic]: I remember watching the 1968 riots on television and thinking that I was watching another world.  I had a high school chemistry teacher whose wife was from Louisiana, and she had trouble getting on a bus with blacks [when she moved north]

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