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Spring Clean: Contract for purchase of Wright home, Alexandria Indiana

 This document is the contract between my maternal great-grandparents, Virgil and Edna (PIERCE) WRIGHT, to purchase the home at 610 West Broadway in Alexandria, Indiana described in an earlier post


WHEREAS, Virgil L. Wright and wife entered into a contract with Virgil O. Christensen and wife, for the purpose of purchasing lot numbered two hundred thirty-two (232) in the Alexandria Land and Title Gas Company's First Addition to the town, now City of Alexandria, Indiana, at and for the sum of Three Thousand ($3000.00) Dollars.

AND WHEREAS there is a balance due the Lincoln Loan Mortgage Company on said real estate of about Two Thousand Thirty-Two Dollars Sixty-Five Cents ($2032.65), and there is an abstract fee of $3.50, agency sale bill of $90.00, attorney's fee of $2.00, stamp for deed of $3.30, [handwritten] and $0.15 telephone to Anderson [end handwritting]

AND WHEREAS the abstract shows that there is a delinquency for 1939 taxes of $13.65 and a penalty of $1.78

AND WHEREAS it is desirable for the parties to close this transaction as soon as possible, and the said Wright is securing a loan in the Alexandria Banking Company, which cannot be closed before March, 27, 1942, 

NOW THEREFORE, it is agreed by the parties hereto that said deed and papers shall be turned over to the Alexandria Banking Company by the said Christensen, and that the said Wright shall pay the said Christensen Six Hundred Fifty ($650.00) Dollars on said sales contract, making a total payment of Seven Hundred Fifty ($750.00) Dollars, thus leaving a balance due of about $217.35

NOW THEREFORE, said parties instruct the Alexandria Banking Company to make said settlement and to satisfy said delinquent tax lien, the cost of the abstract, the agency sale bill, the stamp for the deed, the attorney fees and all other items herein set forth, and to pay the balance to Virgil O. Christensen and wife, and to deliver said deed to the said Wright and all other papers to the parties entitled thereto.

Dated at Alexandria, Indiana, this 26th day of March, 1942.

Nellie Marguriete Christensen [signature]   Virgil L. Wright [signature]

What I learned from this document: I learned not only the name of the party that the home was purchased from, but the fact that Virgil was taking out a loan with the Alexandria Banking Company.  That means that there should be a mortgage record on file with the Madison County Recorder's office - another record to search.  The date of this transaction, March 1942, just after World War II started and right at the time of the birth of my uncle, Terry.  Perhaps Virgil and Edna were buying this home because they wanted to help my grandparents have a place to come home to after the war.  These purchase documents do contradict the family story I was told that my grandparents bought the house without any help from Virgil and Edna.  Another benefit is that I have a copy of my great-grandfather's signature!

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Spring Clean: The Spring Clean is my attempt to examine, cite and document the files and scans that I have accumulated over the years in my genealogy research.  By cataloging, filing and re-examining different pieces of data I hope to discover new facts about my family.

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Kellie said...

I understood that Great Grandma (Edna) owned the house and told Grandpa (Johnny Bill) and Grandma (Bonnie) that this is where they were going to live. Grandma did not want to live there but had no choice in the matter. Grandpa did whatever his mom told him to do. Dad was born March 23, 1942 so I can only imagine Grandma trying to move into a house being 9 months pregnant. I also remember her telling me of how she would sit at the kitchen window and see boys in uniform walk by as they were getting ready to go to war.

A rootdigger said...

wow, i had not thought to go to a bank for details. I wonder how they keep the records and privacy issues? Interesting. I have wondered if the old family doctor would be able to let me at records. But time changes 'stuff'
Your on the top. good going.