Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digging in the Newspaper

Spent my lunch hour today at the Alexandria-Monroe Public Library, searching for mentions of my grandfather and great aunt in the local paper, the Alexandria Times-Tribune.

The library has a card catalog indexing mentions of local individuals - births, deaths and marriages as well as mentions of service personnel during World War II.  I believe that the local historical society compiled the data several years ago. I only wish they had this data online as well, so others would know about it.

Searching for my grandfather, William Lee WRIGHT, and his sister, Clara Ellen WRIGHT, I found mention of the following :

WRIGHT, William  10-10-1945 (furlough)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 8-3-1944 (photo)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 8-14-1944 (furlough)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 10-30-1944 (furlough)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 6-11-1945 (furlough)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 10-1-1945 (engagement)
WRIGHT, Clara Ellen 12-10-1945 (wedding)

My grandfather was in the Army, and Clara Ellen was a WAVE.

I will try to get them transcribed in the next few days.


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