Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, Honey

Today was Eileen's birthday, and I was glad we were able to spend it together.  We spent the early morning hours enjoying the pool.

We ended up going out shopping with her mother, who then took us both out to eat for a nice birthday dinner.  I had a good time today, just relaxing and I think Eileen did too.  We exchanged her perfume for the correct one, and the bonus was that I ended up saving a few bucks in the exchange.

Shopping with mother-in-law was a new experience, but I actually enjoyed it. She's full of funny stories.  

Then over dinner we found out that mother-in-law has some old family pictures that she is planning to donate to a local history museum.  These are previously unknown photos - so I urged her to let us look at them and possibly make copies before she donates them.  Will hopefully be able to get them scanned.

When the girls get back from fishing in Minnesota, we'll have a proper cake and ice cream party.

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