Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandpa LeMaster in the National Guard

I made a new discovery recently about my paternal grandfather, Ord Wehrly LeMASTER, while searching the Indiana State Digitial Archives : he had served in the National Guard.

According to the database, grandpa enrolled on March 30, 1923, making him just 16 years old (he would turn 17 in October).  His city of residence was Salamonia in Jay County.

I talked to my dad about this, and he told me that grandpa had never mentioned serving in the National Guard to him.  Another mystery to be researched!  Could this explain why grandpa didn't graduate high school until 1928?  

I assume from this database that there may be some records at the Indiana State Archives.  I could request service records from the National Personnel Records Center, but I need to obtain a copy of his death certificate first.

Ord W. Lemaster - National Guard 1898-1940
Record Series:Military Records
Collection:National Guard 1898-1940

Reference Number:GUA032823
City Of Residence:Salamonia
County Of Residence 2:Jay
Name:Ord W. Lemaster
Party Type:Name

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