Thursday, October 07, 2010

Beals & Hinshaw: Buggies and Wagons: Westfield, Indiana

Source: Postoffice Directory of Hamilton County, Indiana; 1893-94; Ledger Book and Job Print, Noblesville, Indiana, page 49.

I found this advertisement listing the business venture of my maternal 3rd-great grandfather, Nathan Thomas BEALS (1856-1915).  It was nice to find a record of him during the 1890's in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Previously, in 1885 census he was living in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska where his occupation was listed as school teacher.  The 1900 census in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana lists him as a dealer in hardware.

Earlier I had posted about his obituary and his death in Arkansas.  There are many mysteries about this man yet to be discovered.

I have not yet identified the relationship with A.S. HINSHAW.  However, there was a Beals-Hinshaw connection, as Nathan's sister, Elizabeth, married Solomon Hinshaw in Hamilton County, Indiana.  It was their sons, Ed and Luther, that Nathan was involved with in the sawmill business in Arkansas.

He was referred to often in the records as simply "N.T. Beals".  

Nathan Thomas BEALS was born February 17, 1856 in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana, the son of John T. and Mary (DAVIS) BEALS.  He married September 26, 1876 in Hamilton County, Indiana to Elizabeth Caroline POE, daughter of Isaac S. and Hannah (MILLS) POE.  Nathan died February 16, 1915 in Leola, Grant County, Arkansas and is buried in the Cicero Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana.

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Nancy said...

Oh, Travis, what a great find the advertisement is! Good detective work to search out the relationship between both men. (I guess I'm posting on this post and the follow-up post, too.) Thanks for sharing.