Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gilbert burials in Hennessey, Oklahoma

From correspondence with Jean Whiteneck, was given the following information on the Gilbert's buried in Hennessey cemetery.  I created memorials at website and requested photos:

Old Section
Gilbert, P. M.  1830-1921 father, wonder if they would have an obit on him?? Are you interested in an obit on him???

Gilbert, E. A.  1832 - 1911 mother

Old Sesc. Block 316 Lot 1
Gilbert, Clinton B.  Oct. 5, 1890  - April 12, 1968  do you need an obit on him??

I'm thinking that he is buried close to his parents or maybe in the same plot.  Who knows, his name was 1st in the alpha list & the block & lot on P. M. & E. A. were blank

 According to her obituary, Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert should be buried there as well.  Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to photograph the cemetery.

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