Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Probate information Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert - 1933

Courtesy of researcher Jean Whiteneck, I have the following information about Mary Ann (BEALS) GILBERT probate record (1933).

Court Clerk office, Kingfisher, Kingfisher Co., OK
Case # 1830  Bok 5 pg. 581
Gilbert, Mary Ann, dec. aka M. A. Gilbert
Died 11- 28-1933 Hennessey, Kingfisher, OK @ home
Real estate Lots 1, 2, 3 in Block 30 Town of Hennessey   value  $1500.00
Shares in Farmers Elevator value $100.00

Clinton B. Gilbert son age 43 resides Three Sands, OK
Constance F. Jackson daug. age 31 resides 729 Asp Ave. Norman, OK
Petitioner is the daughter.
E. M. Bradley---Attorney for Petitioneer
Apprasial by: James Blye, Orren Anderson, Virgil Cordry  --  residents
Claims against estate:
Dr. F. H. Brinkley dated 2-12-1934 dentist $26.00
Cordry & Young Furniture & Undertaking  (Funeral exp.)
Casket $165.00; Vault $115.00; imbalming (their spelling) $25.00; Hearse & ? (coundn't make out the writing on that part)  $17.50; Funeral notice $3.00;
state tax $2.80 for total of $328.30.

Clinton B. Gilbert son and Constance E. Jackson daughter of deceased each an undivied one half percent in Certificte # 238 the same representing one hare of stock in the Farmers Elevator & Co-op Association of Hennessey

No inheritance tax due or owing from this estate final account 1 Aug. 1935.

Hattie Gilbert (who this is I have no clue)  received from estate the following:
Construction $26.00 for repairs on house in Hennessey
$15.00 for papering the same and
$16.75 for burial clothing for deceased.

Sold real estate to E. B. Harvey for $1000.00  -- forgot to get the date but it was around the time the estate was final I think.

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