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Schaeffer and Rieber Families: Evansville, Indiana

I was contacted awhile back by Ray Bland, who is doing research on the SCHAEFFER family of Evansville, Indiana and believes that he's found connections with Corinne's paternal 2nd-great grandmother, Elizabeth "Lillie" (SCHAEFFER) MILLER (1873-1937).  Ray believes that Lillie is the daughter of Charles and Mary (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER of Evansville.

I've previously posted Lillie MILLER's obituary, which states that among others, she was survived by a brother, John SCHAEFER.

The Browning Genealogy Obituary database contains the following obituary card for a Peter SCHAEFER.

So, now we have possibly two brothers for "Lillie"; Peter and John.  Even though Peter's obit card refers to her as Lillian, and spells Schaeffer with only one "F", I still believe we have the same family.  In the 1900 census of Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Lillie is listed as Elizabeth MILLER, age 27, white female, born March 1873 born in Indiana.  In the 1910 and 1920 census, she is listed as Lizzie MILLER.  Her obit card in the Browning Genealogy Obituary database lists here as Mrs. Lillie MILLER:

Looking for Lillie in the 1880 census, we find the family of Charles and Mary (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. 

Charley SCHAEFFER, a 27 year old varnisher, was living at 812 Second Avenue in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  He was born in Louisiana and both parents were from Germany.  His wife, Mary, was also 27, born in Indiana with both parents born in Germany.  Children were listed as : Lilly, aged 7; Peter, aged 5; John, aged 3; and Katie, aged 9 months; all born in Indiana.

According to Ray Bland, he's found evidence that Charles shot and killed his wife, Mary, on September 16, 1883.  There is a memorial for Maria Eva (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER on the Find A Grave website, buried in St. Joseph Catholic  Cemetery in Evansville. Maria was the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (SCHUHMACHER) RIEBER.

More research needs to be done, and it looks like I have a few new leads to check out.

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Jerry Schaefer said...

I am 71 years of age and the grandson of Peter George Schaefer and Elizabeth (Smith) Schaefer of Evansville, Indiana, and the Great grandson of Charles L. Schaeffer.

My father was William Marion Lee Schaefer, one of the sons of Peter and Elizabeth. The other children were: The reason for the change in spelling is a long story.

1. Jesse Edward Smith, b. 08 June 1908, Evansville, Indiana, d. 29 Aug 1980, Evansville, Indiana (age 72) by previous marriage of Elizabeth
2. Mary Ella Schaefer, b. 04 Oct 1911, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA , d. 05 Oct 1911, McCutchanville, Indiana (Age 0 years)
3. Louis John Schaefer, b. 08 Jul 1913, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 17 Jul 1980, Lima, Allen, Ohio, USA (Age 67 years)
4. Carrie M. Schaefer, b. 18 Feb 1916, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 29 Mar 1988, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 72 years)
5. William M. L. Schaefer, b. 25 Apr 1920, Indiana, USA , d. 29 Oct 1992, Olney, Richland, Illinois, USA (Age 72 years)
6. Charles Arnold Schaeffer, b. 06 Apr 1924, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 20 Jul 1997, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California, USA (Age 73 years)
7. Harry Raymond Schaeffer, b. 25 Aug 1926, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 10 Jul 1984, Warrick, Indiana, USA (Age 57 years)
8. Margaret Ann Winiger Schaeffer, b. 18 Jul 1929, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 10 Apr 1969, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 39 years)

Charles L. Schaeffer (later went by the name of Schieffer) He and Maria Victoria Rieber had the following children:

1. Lillian Elizabeth Schaeffer, b. 1872, Indiana, USA, d. 28 Jul 1937, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 65 years)
2. Peter George Schaefer, b. 17 Oct 1874, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 02 Nov 1935, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 61 years)
3. John Edward Schaefer, b. 10 Nov 1877, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 18 Jan 1965, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 87 years)
4. Catherine Schaeffer, b. Mar 1879, Indiana, USA, d. 1917, Boonville, Warrick, Indiana, USA (Age ~ 37 years)
5. Josephine Schaeffer, b. 09 Apr 1883, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA, d. 27 Apr 1884, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA (Age 1 years)

Charles L. Schaeffer, apparently after he killed his wife he went to prison, but I could not find further information, however he later married after getting out of prison and went by the name of Schieffer, and married Nellie E. (?) born May 1854, they lived in Illinois and Kentucky, he died March 23, 1911, in Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson County.

Charles L. Schaeffer’s father: Peter Schaeffer was born September 1811 in Frammersbach, Main-Spessart, Bayern, Germany, and married Marianne Grossman, died April 1, 1903 in Evansville, Indiana at the age of 91.
Charles L. Schaeffer’s mother: Marianne Grossman was born 1816 in Frammersbach, Main-Spessart, Bayern, Germany, and died December 16, 1895 in Evansville, Indiana.

I knew John Edward Schaefer, a brother of Lillian, and he lived with my family for some time, but usually lived with his niece Carrie, the sister of my father.