Friday, November 12, 2010

Eley Public School : Jay County, Indiana

Though I only had about a half hour at the Jay County Historical Society before it closed when I visited last Friday, I did manage to find a tidbit of family history while searching the files for information on the schools of Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  

Edith LeMaster, my paternal great grandaunt, was the teacher for the Eley Public School Number 4 in Madison Township.  Edith was the daughter of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (CHEW) LEMASTERS.  She was born September 24, 1879 in Jay County, Indiana.  While I knew she was a teacher, it was nice to find confirmation.  This may even be her picture in the souvenir.

1907 Souvenir, Eley Public School No. 4, Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana


Public School

District No. 4

Madison Twp., Jay Co., Indiana

Edith Le Master, Teacher

W.R. Armstrong, Co. Supt.


Mathias Theurer
Leota McLaughlin
Inez Eley
Nora Theurer
Mary Baldauf
Frank Kober
Carl Theurer
John Kochersperger
Wilbert Kochersperger
Paul Cook
Mabel Kantner
Dora Kober
Walter Griesinger
Andrew Degler
Inez Theurer
Inez Huder
Ray McLaughlin
Ada Cook
John Kantner
Albert Degler
Leona Beard
Anna Kochersperger
Glen Stoner
Rosa Klingel
Lella McLaughlin
Ara McLaughlin
Willie Klingel
Guy Kantner
Clara Kochensperger
Freddie McBride
Hilda Theurer
Arnold Cook
Walter Baldauf
Edna Kochersperger
Herman Griesinger
Garnet Schenk
Orla Shaneyfelt

School Board

Henry Kantner, Director
William Clough, Trustee

I believe that the Henry Kantner listed as the director is the father of Mabel Kantner, listed as a student.  This Mabel may be the same Mabel Kantner (b. 1898) who married Gerald Walker LeMaster (my paternal great-uncle).

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