Thursday, November 18, 2010

Funeral Record: Cora Belle (Metzner) Haley (1868-1955)

Source: Cora Belle Haley Funeral Record, Baird Funeral Home, Jay Co., Indiana 1954-1956, Saxman & Schindler, compiler, n.d.

At the Jay County Public Library I was able to locate the funeral record for my paternal great-grandmother, Cora Belle (METZNER) HALEY, who died April 28, 1955.

Cora died in Madison Township, at the Stuber residence.  Vera (Mrs. Clarence) STUBER was her eldest daughter, and was taking care of her.  It is my understanding that Cora had been blind in her later years.

Cora died April 28th at 6:40 p.m. in the evening, aged 86 years.  She was born August 21, 1868 in Jay County.

The name of her father was given on this record as Adam Haley, an obvious error, as Haley was her married name.  Her father's name was John Adam METZNER, known more often in records as Adam.  Her mother is listed as Clara Metzner, which was her married name - her mother's maiden name was Clara MOULTON.

Cora was buried in an oak casket manufactured by Hutton.  I'm wondering if this was the J.M. Hutton Company of nearby Richmond, Indiana.

There were miscellaneous charges for wires to Chicago and Marine City (Michigan), and a phone call to what looks like Evast, Michigan.  These were probably to notify relatives.  More than likely, these were relatives on the Haley side, as I haven't discovered any surviving out-of-town Metzner relatives.

The bill for the funeral was to be charged to Mrs. Clarence Stuber, Route 3 Ft. Recovery, Ohio; Mrs. Galen Miller, Muncie; Mrs. E.C. Kunce, Lawrenceville, Illinois; Mrs. Waymon Thornburg; and Mrs. Ord LeMaster.  These were the surviving children (all daughters) of Cora and Eli Haley.

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