Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Greeting : November 21, 1909

Nov. 21, 1909  Ashland, Ohio -

Dear Vera and all the rest. I rec'd your very welcome letter some time ago and could not get time to answer it.  We are all well Nin & Geo. started home yesterday morn. was going to stop at Lima over Sunday. We are going to begin packing up tomorrow and then when we get moved I will ans. your letter.  It is a bad rainy day and we are lonesome.  Zada and Rinda Hayes from Burbank are coming over here to night.  Zada's little boy is here now.  I wish I was out at your house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We may get packed up in time to be at Grandpas and visit them a day or two. Write soon from your Aunt Carrie & all.


This postcard was sent to my paternal greataunt, Vera HALEY, from her aunt, Carrie (HALEY) GRAVES.  Nin & Geo. mentioned in the card would be Carrie's sister Nina and her husband George ZORN.  The Grandpa referenced here could be Vera's grandfather, David SHERRICK (1823-1914), who lived in Ashland, Ohio.

The reference to packing and moving could be related to Arthur and Carrie (HALEY) GRAVES move to Midland, Michigan.  By the 1910 census, they were living in the 2nd ward of the city of Midland.

Interestingly, November 21, 1909 was also a Sunday just as this year.

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