Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar : Christmas At School

What did you do to celebrate Christmas at school? Were you ever in a Christmas Pageant?

I can remember participating in several Christmas programs in elementary school, including many in which I sang with the choir. One in particular I can remember I did a duet with Amy King, performing "O, Holy Night". Somewhere my mother has a picture of the event. I believe I was probably in the 4th or 5th grade at the time.

My momma says :
I don't remember my parents talking about celebrating Christmas at school.  I remember a Christmas program when I was in fourth grade.   We played the "Good King Wenceslas" on flute-a-phones (recorders) and every time I hear that song today, I remember when I was in fourth grade.   My children always had a Christmas program when they went to Orestes School.   Everyone looked forward to seeing the kindergartners walking in with pajamas on and carrying a stuffed toy and singing "Away in a Manger".   Mrs. Brackett always put on a good show. 
 Jason, Travis & Michelle LeMaster

Now that I've read mom's recollection, I can vaguely remember the program for kindergartners singing "Away in a Manger", though probably I'm remembering seeing my younger brother and sister.  Mrs. Brackett, our music teacher, was a very special lady.  She came to America as a young child from Germany right after the war.  Her accent was still very think, but she was sweet to the kids.  I remember that if she couldn't remember your name, she would say "Hey, Lady" with her German accent.  I can still hear her voice.

Update : The pictures have been located.

Travis LeMaster & Amy King, Orestes Elementary, 1977

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