Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Advent Calendar : Christmas Cookies

Did your family or ancestors make Christmas Cookies? How did you help?
Did you have a favorite cookie?

At Christmastime there always seems to be quite a bit of desserts and cookies.  I can remember mom and grandma having cookies at Christmastime.  Today mom still has a "baking day" just before Christmas when my nieces come over and help get ready for the holiday. At my house, my wife and the girls love to have cookies, and I enjoy helping them to eat the cookies.  My favorite cookie is a snicker doodle, though it doesn't have to be Christmas to eat those.

I asked mom to share a bit of her memories about Christmas cookies:
My mother, Bonnie, loved to cook and we always made and decorated cookies at Christmas.    I can remember one year when mom,dad and I painted cookies using egg yolk paint and other embellishments.   It took a lot of time but we were so proud of our tray of beautiful cookies.   One of Bonnie's favorite cookies to make were Pecan Crescents which I receive a request to make them all the time..   Dad loved the snappy turtle cookies. 

Another memorable time was when we had a German foreign exchange student living with us for the year.   Suzanne had brought a German Santa cookie cutter and we made authentic German Santas.    We had a difficult time finding the right spice for it but  luck was with us and we were able to follow her German recipe.

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