Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Calendar : Christmas Shopping

How did your family handle Christmas Shopping? Did anyone finish early
or did anyone start on Christmas Eve?

I've never started Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, but I've been close.  I seem to struggle sometimes on what to buy.  Every year I tell myself I will do better and buy early, but it never seems to work that way.  I don't do subtle very well, so if someone wants something, I need to know exactly what it is.

I've tried to put some 'sweat equity' into my shopping, and not just shop entirely online.  This year we've noticed that many stores do not have the inventory on hand, and are also out of stock online.  Not good if there is something you really want.

Mom contributed the following :
I do the majority of Christmas shopping and wrapping.   I start early sometimes as early as September or October.   I go with the girls on Black Friday mainly to get ideas.   I'm usually done a couple of weeks before Christmas but there's always a last minute gift or two to pick up.  I give a lot of baked goods, candies, and homemade jams and sewn items. When the kids were little we would buy all year long and hid the items in attic or garage.   We have a tradition of going out for breakfast on Christmas Eve and browse afterwards through the stores.   Sometimes we pick up silly little items for the granddaugters before heading back home to get ready for Christmas Eve get together.

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