Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar : Fruitcake - Friend or Foe?

Did you like fruitcake? Did your family receive fruitcakes? Have you
ever re-gifted fruitcake? Have you ever devised creative uses for

I do not like fruitcake at all.  No one has gifted us a fruitcake in my adult life. 

I was not aware that anyone in my family liked fruitcake, until I heard from my parents regarding the subject:
We both like fruitcake.  Don't want to eat a lot of it but do enjoy having a piece now and then.   We did receive fruitcake as a gift and I can't recall ever regifting it.  
Well, at least now I have another gift idea!


Lori said...

Well, at least you know they won't take it back!

Travis LeMaster said...

They read this post. I had a text message from my mom a few hours ago, saying "don't get us a fruitcake!" Too funny!