Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Analyzing Blogger Stats

The information provided by Blogger's Stats over this past month has been pretty interesting to analyze.

My most popular post this month was my review of the Flip-Pal scanner.  Not surprisingly, this scanner has become my favorite new genealogy toy.  I'm sure that this post has been one of the more popular because of my posting a link on Twitter.  Using Twitter to post about blog posts has increased some traffic to the blog.

It would also appear that by using the widget for "Popular Posts" has allowed some of those posts to have even more page views.  In other words, the popular posts end up becoming more popular.

Some of the search terms and links that have caused people to land at my blog are pretty interesting as well:

Most of the referrals have come from Google, but Facebook and Geneabloggers are well represented.

One of the more interesting search terms was "suicide daughter married james dwiggins"!  Why didn't this person contact me?  This sounds like a great mystery.  I'm not aware of any suicides involving the Dwiggins family in my research.  Two searchers were looking for "Dr. Chew Salamonia Indiana" - my ancestor.  Who were you?  You didn't leave any comments.  

I'm glad that I've added this feature to my blog, and I've turned off my own tracking, so in the future this will be even more accurate.  I'm glad to see that links to my Facebook profile and occasional tweets have also brought visitors to check out my blog.


Susan Petersen said...

Travis, I enjoy checking out the stats on blogger also. Like you, most of my hits and search engine terms have to do with my review of the Flip Pal scanner. I think people are interested in learning about this amazing little gadget - especially with holiday shopping coming up. It's also been interesting to see what other sites are driving traffic to my blog. Nice to see that others are curious about how web traffic works on our blogs. Good post!

Travis LeMaster said...

I'll be interested to see what next month's stats hold to start comparing where links are coming from. I've also started using a service called Twitterfeed to see how Twitter helps bring visitors.