Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be Merry All

Miss Vera Haley
Portland, Ind.
R.F.D. 9

Dear Cousin -

Well I am ashamed I haven't answered your card but I have been very busy lately.  Bessie was married in September and mother and father were visiting Alfred's in Chicago for 2 weeks.  I had to keep house, and I am working everyday and getting ready for Christmas.  I'll be glad when its over.  With love.

Write when you can.


This postcard, postmarked December 23, 1912 from Huron, Ohio, was sent to my paternal great-aunt, Vera HALEY by her cousin.  Based on the names mentioned, I believe the card sent was from Evalyn R. HALEY, daughter of Benjamin H. and Louisa (HUTTENBOCKER) HALEY.  Evalyn was born in 1885.  Bessie was born in 1892 and Alfred was born in 1880.  Evalyn would be a first cousin once removed from Vera, but was a contemporary.  Benjamin H. HALEY was a son of George J. and Rachel (GARY) HALEY.

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