Thursday, December 30, 2010

King and Gooding Families: Orestes, Indiana

Stumbled across the webpage of Debbie Dunn which contained information regarding the King and Gooding families.  The site also give accounts of the famous Orestes, Indiana tornado of 1922.  

Growing up, I attended Orestes Elementary.  Our school mascot was the "Cyclones" in memory of the devastation that occurred in 1922.  Today, the elementary school is closed and sits idle, wasting away.

The connection of this author's line to mine is that Francis Marion GOODING married in 1874 to Mary Ann KING, daughter of Thomas and Martha E. (HAGGERTY) KING.  Thomas was a brother to my Daniel KING.

I need to do some research to tie all of them together, but Thomas KING's widow, Martha, married Nelson GOODING, who was the father of Francis Marion GOODING, above.  So step-brother and step-sister were married in 1886. 

And here I thought modern-day families were complicated...

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