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Wedding Wednesday: Schofield & Wright

The Marriage Service of




Saturday, May 12, 1990
2:30 p.m.
North United Methodist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana


    Heroic Song       Jean Langlais
    Song of Peace    Jean Langlais
    Song of Joy        Jean Langlais
    Psalm XIX         Benedetto Marcello
    Carillon             Leo Sowerby

    In Thee Is Gladness   Johann Sebastian Bach

Opening Address

    I Corinthians 13:1-7    Reverend Loyal Bishop


    Your Love, O God Has Called Us Here    Russell Schulz-Widmar

Intention Vows                                  Dr. William Wassner

Presentation Of The Bride                   Dr. William Wassner

Prayer                                              Reverend Loyal Bishop


   Be Subject To One Another               Dr. William Wassner

Exchange Of The Vows                        Dr. William Wassner

Blessings And Exchange Of Rings

Lighting Of The Unity Candle


   Nuptial Blessing                              Richard Proulx

Declaration And Presentation               Dr. William Wassner

Closing Prayer And Benediction            Reverend Loyal Bishop


   Finale                                            Ceasar Franck

Officiating Ministers:
Dr. William Wassner
Reverend Loyal Bishop

Vocalist:                                           Organist:
Mr. Dan Whethen                               Dr. Robert Rayfield

Guestbook Registrar:
Miss Laura Ketterman

Photographer:                                    Videographer:
Mike Hawthorne Photography                Mr. Paul Headdy

Wedding Coordinator:
Miss Beverly Schraeder

The Wedding Party

Maid of Honor:                                   Best Man:
Miss Kathy Booth                               Mr. Dwight Thomas

Bridesmaids:                                     Groomsmen:
Mrs. Lynda Willham                            Mr. John Ferguson
Miss Kellie Wright                              Mr. Phil Lehman
Mrs. Richard Schofield                         Mr. Richard Schofield

Ring Bearer:                                      Ushers:
Mr. Matthew Willham                          Mr. Curt Ketterman
                                                       Mr. Robert Ringer
                                                       Mr. Travis LeMaster
                                                       Mr. Jason LeMaster

We wish to thank all of you for sharing this special time with us!

- Laura and Jim -


Jim Wright is my maternal 1st cousin.

Wedding Wednesday – a great way to display those old wedding photos or scan wedding invitations and announcements! Suggested by Carol of Reflections from the Fence and in use by several genealogy bloggers.

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