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Amanuensis Monday: Letter from Aunt Helene (October 1972)

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. 

Source: Letter from Helene LeMaster, 206 Bon Air Dr., Sidney, Ohio to Ord Weldon LeMaster, 214 West Monroe, Alexandria, Indiana, postmarked 26 October 1972.

October 25, '72

Dear Gloria and Ord:

It is high time that I am writing to you.  I had filled in what little I knew about the LeMasters, in the material I had ready for you, on the history of the family you wrote about.  I took a Shelby County book, recently published, and your material to the re-union in September, hoping you would be there.  When I showed the history Art had compiled the relatives there wanted to copy it.  I am wondering if they have sent it to you.  Ora LeMaster, Garth's wife has it.  She is to be sure that I have it returned to me.

The county book has some information on part of the LeMaster - Young family, from grand father Luman Walker's side.  Several LeMaster names are mentioned in it.  I'll enclose what little I have found.  I do not know the family history as I should.  Aunt Emma knew so much more than I do.  She was in the family twelve years before I was.  She passed away in Feb. 1956.  I think I mentioned in my letter to you that there was a book printed by another LeMaster with the Luman W. LeMaster family in it but not much detail.  No one seems to who got the book but Art had it.  It had the LeMaster crest in it.

We just had a shock as my brother's son Jack passed away.  He was our 'right hand' in all our affairs.  He was in Bergen Norway touring when he had a heart attack and passed away.  It took three weeks for the casket to reach Sidney.  He was more a son than a nephew to me.

I am sorry not to be of more help.  We just had a call last week from Jessie Whitacre that her brother, I think Clyde, passed away.  He lived in Findlay Ohio.  Whitacres are from Grandma LeMasters family.

The history Art & Maud Phillips compiled has more information & I hope you can get it some time.

Sorry we missed seeing you in September.  We had a nice get together.

We are still at 206 Bon Air Dr so come to see us.


Aunt Helene 

This letter, postmarked 26 October 1972, was written by my father's great grandaunt, Helene (GARMHAUSEN) LeMASTER, widow of Vernon Walker LeMASTER.

1. The Ora LeMaster is Ora Lee (BRADY) LeMASTER, wife of Garth Luman LeMASTER.  Garth was a son of Clarence and Ferry May (BICKEL) LeMASTER.

2. Aunt Emma is Emma (GARMHAUSEN) LeMASTER, wife of Ord Otterbein LeMASTER.  She was Helene's aunt, and married into they LeMaster family in 1907, while Helene married into it in 1917.

3. The Art LeMaster is Arthur Raymond LeMASTER, brother of Vernon and Ord LeMASTER.  He had died December 16, 1971.  He authored a family history circa 1960 along with his sister, Maud (LeMASTER) PHILLIPS.

4. The Jessie WHITACRE is the daughter of Frederic E. and Caroline Bishop (CHEW) WHITACRE.  Caroline was a sister to Mary Keziah (CHEW) LeMASTER, wife of Luman Walker LeMASTER (and mother to Vernon, Ord & Arthur, et al.)

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