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The Councilman Objects: William Clifford LeMaster (1871-1922)

Apparently, it didn't take long for my relative, William Clifford LeMaster, newly elected councilman of the city of Elyria, to become involved in a bit of political controversy.  Perhaps it was his opposition to this gentleman that prompted him to run for office.

Source: Elyria Republican, Elyria, Ohio, May 17, 1900, page 1.


His Waterworks Estimate Is Re-Adopted


LeMaster and Eady Fear that Bond Issue Will Be Defeated at Polls if Chapin Is Employed

Engineer Chapin, away in Canton, must have felt a warm sensation about the ears on Tuesday evening.  He certainly was being talked about.  The council reviewed his career, discussed his moral, social and professional standing.  Most of all, his popularity was questioned.

Councilman Eady and LeMaster took part in the effort to get another engineer.  They were afraid that a proposition involving the employment of Chapin would  not carry at the polls, and said that they represented popular opposition to him.  In justice to Chapin it may be said that not a single reason was given for such opposition.  The council very properly refused to take notice of opposition unfounded in reason and re-adopted Chapin's estimate with only one dissenting vote, that of LeMaster.  The resolution of necessity calling for the bond election was voted to be taken up at a special meeting Wednesday night.

At a special meeting of the council on Wednesday night the resolution calling for the bond election was taken up and passed.

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