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Turn of the century newspapers always provide a more colorful reading than today's fare.  This particular article concerns matters before the city council of Elyria, Ohio in 1902, where my paternal great-granduncle, W.C. LeMaster was a councilman.

Source : The Weekly Chronicle (Elyria, Ohio), April 5, 1902, page 7.


Yells Grundy - The Mayor Brings out Complaint Against Grundy

The tragic moment of Tues. night's council meeting was reached when the mayor arose in a very deliberate manner and stated that it was his painful duty to notify the council of certain irregularities of the senior councilman from the Second ward.

He stated that complaints had reached his ears that this councilman had been giving city property to certain people in his ward, namely, that stone owned by the city had been given to individuals and hauled at the city's expense on order from the senior councilman from the Second ward.  He stated that he had investigated it and found that such was the case.

President Smith asked who this man was and Grundy jumped to his feet, stating, "I'm the gentleman."

He said that a stone and a half had been taken out of a cross walk and a citizen had asked for it.  Grundy said he consulted with others on the street committee who agreed it would be all right if the party would be willing to pay for it if it was of value.  Grundy then called the mayor a liar and a scoundrel and was proceeding to say that this act was done at this time for political effect when the chairman requested that he confine himself to courteous language.  Grundy wanted to know why they had kept quiet four months and spring it at this time.

Eady said such things as alleged were done often and he thought that no great harm had been committed.

LeMaster emphasized in a general way what Grundy had said, and said Grundy had always done his duty.

The mayor then said that it was his duty to call attention to such matters and he would do so whether it were LeMaster or Grundy.  He said that three stone had been hauled from the stone yard by the city teams for Mr. Monroe, and that cinders had been placed on walks at certain points on Lake avenue at the city's expense.

Mr. LeMaster moved that the matter be referred to the street committee.  Lersch suggested that inasmuch as these complaints were against one of this committee that it appeared a little ridiculous to refer the question to them.  The matter was referred.

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