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Republicans In Trouble

Source: Elyria Republican, Elyria, Ohio, March 29, 1900, page 1.


Voters in Elyria Must Write Their Tickets


Because of Technical Error the Party Ticket Cannot Be Printed by the Election Board.

The ticket nominated by the republicans of Elyria at the recent city and township primaries has been thrown out by the Lorain County Board of Elections.  Elyria republicans will therefore have to write in the names of their party's choice on each ballot which they vote.

The trouble was occassioned by the failure of the city republican committee to certify the nomination up to the board within the statutory time, fifteen days before election.

Arthur J. Laundon, a democratic nominee for council, filed a protest with the board and a hearing was given the republican candidates Monday.  The entire ticket was thrown out.

The ticket will be printed with the republican emblem and designation of each office to be filled, but with no names.  Each republican voter must therefore write in the names of the republican candidates, and mark an "X" in the circle under the eagle.

The first ward ticket, for example, should read as follows:

For water works trustee,
P.H. Boynton.
For councilman,
Robt. B. Lersch.
For assesor,
Wm. A. Garford.
For township trustees
John Langton, 
E.L. Disbro.
For township clerk,
W.H. Park.
For cemetery trustee,
J.A. Jacob.
For justice of the peace,
A.E. Lawrence,
For constable,
R.E. Braman,
C.A. Cahoon.
For township assesor,
A.E. Baus

In the other wards the republicans will write their tickets just the same, except that they will substitute the name of their party's choice for councilman and assessor in their respective wards. These are:

Councilman - M.N. Terry
Assessor - Chas. Chandler
Councilman - Chas. J. Smith
Assessor - Frank Quayle
Councilman - W.C. LeMaster
Assessor - Wm. Sage

The republican ballot for board of education will be also blank and the names must be written in. The republican choice for these officers were E.E. Williams and Geo. H. Chamberlain.

There is reason to believe that this technical irregularity will make no appreciable difference in the result and should if anything make the republican voters more vigilant than ever to get out and write their ticket.

W.C. LeMASTER was my paternal great-granduncle, William Clifford LeMASTER (1871-1922), son of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (CHEW) LEMASTERS.

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