Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Engagement: LeMaster and Coats

Source: Earlham Post, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, January 15, 1952, page 2

Picking up the lead baloons [sic] we move to the engagement department.  Wow, I haven't had so many engagements to write about since they announced that married men would be draft exempt.  (Don't get excited men, they made that announcement two years ago.  It doesn't work anymore.)  Having strewn orange petals around my typewriter, I shall proceed.  Harry Rudy became engaged to Mary Stevens shortly before our Christmas parole.  Others who have announced their engagements since are, Aimee Wildman and Langdon Kisbree, Ginny Whipple and Hugh Cronister (50% of Cronister and Mathews, We Can Do Anything Incorp." and they usually did), Eldon Kronewitter and Ruth Cox, Idola LeMaster and Pvt. Donald Coats, and George Adams and Mary Winslow.  May there be much happiness ahead for all of you, and may you all raise your children on Pogo comic books.

I located this snippet from the Earlham College Post in their digital archives, mentioning the engagement of my aunt, Idola LeMaster and Pvt. Donald Coats.  Idola was a student at Earlham, Don was a Korean War veteran.  I'm happy to report that they are both still happily married.

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