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Surname Saturday : HEATON

The HEATON surname is in my maternal line.  The origins of the surname are unknown at this time.

Stories and history:

Ahnentafel # 49: Rebecca Heaton (c1841-1890).  Rebecca was born circa 1841 in Ohio (probably Brown County).  She married November 1, 1857 in Schuyler County, Missouri to Joseph W. Wright (1838-1919).  Joseph was born April 1838 in Brown County, Ohio.  They lived a few years in Missouri and moved back to Brown County, Ohio by the 1860 census; after the Civil War they moved to Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana where they raised their 9 children.  Joseph died September 16, 1919 in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  Rebecca died March 25, 1890 in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  Both are buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Alexandria, Madison County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 98: James R. Heaton (1805-1885).  James was born in 1805 in Loudon County, Virginia.  He married July 2, 1829 in Brown County, Ohio to Elizabeth Jacobs (1811-1889).  Elizabeth was born June 30, 1811 in Adams County, Ohio.  They lived in Scott Township, Brown County, Ohio until the late 1850s when they moved to Schuyler County, Missouri.  They were the parents of 11 children.  Elizabeth died June 29, 1889 in Schuyler County, Missouri.  James died April 9, 1885 in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Both are buried in the Darby Cemetery, Schuyler County, Missouri.

Ahnentafel # 196: Thomas Heaton (1761-1858).  Thomas was born in 1761 in Harper's Ferry, Virginia.  He married March 11, 1789 in Faquier County, Virginia to Susan Taylor.  I do not have dates of birth or death, nor parentage for Susan.  The family lived in Eagle Township, Brown County, Ohio.  They were the parents of 6 children.  Thomas died September 17, 1858 in Brown County, Ohio.

Ahnentafel # 392: John Heaton (1716-aft1802).  John was born in 1716 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  He married circa 1740 in New Jersey to Abigail Paxton (    -c1814).  They were the parents of 9 children.  Abigail died circa 1814.  John died after 1802.

Ahnentafel # 784: Samuel Heaton (1681-c1735).  Samuel was born November 28, 1681 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  He married December 10, 1706 in Wrentham, Massachusetts to Susan Hawes.  I do not have dates of birth and death for Susan.  They were parents of 9 children.  Samuel died between 1735 and 1737 in New Jersey.  

Ahnentafel # 1568: Nathaniel Heaton (1639-1714).  Nathaniel was born July 1, 1639 and died in 1714.  Nothing further is known at this time.

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