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Black Sheep Sunday: A Family Business?

Logansport Pharos Tribune, April 21, 1925, page 1

Brazil, Ind., April 21 - Fred Pierpont, 22, was held in the Clay county jail today in connection with a bank robbery near Wabash, Ind., several weeks ago.  Detectives plan to grill Pierpont today in an effort to learn if he is a brother of Harry Pierpont, held for the robbery of the South Kokomo bank.  Fred was arrested at his home last night.

Cousin Harry PIERPONT's younger brother, Fred, was also picked up by the police.  In reading on the activities of Harry and other Dillinger associates, Fred was often arrested in an attempt to get him to talk.  How involved he was in the criminal acts, I do not yet know, but I'm having fun trying to find out.  I'm looking forward to reading more old newspaper articles - and eventually will have to visit the local libraries and courthouses to see what other records I can dig out.

Logansport Pharos Tribune, May 2, 1925, page 1.


Kokomo, Ind., May 2 - Fred Pierpont, 18, of Brazil, Ind., was free today following his acquital by a jury in circuit court here on charges of aiding his brother, Harry Pierpont, alleged bank bandit, to esapce from the Howard county jail.

Harry Pierpont was arrested in Detroit in early April for alleged participation in the robbery of the South Kokomo bank last March.

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