Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Go Bragh

Miss Vera Haley
Portland, Ind.
"Route 9"

Come and visit us.  This is a little remembrance.  My address is Mrs. __ __ 401 Franklin St. Lorain Ohio.

This postcard, postmarked March 15, 1909 in Lorain, Ohio was sent to my paternal great aunt, Vera HALEY.  The sender's name looks like Mrs. Chris Coder, but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions from readers is appreciated.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Update 3/18/11:  Thanks to reader comments, I checked for the name Ohio Coder in Lorain, Ohio.  There was an Ohio Coder in city directories and census records in the 2nd war. In 1910, it was indexed as Colter, but in other records it was definitely Coder.  Mrs. Coder's first name was Della.  I know of no relationship to Vera Haley at this time.

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Larry Hibbert said...

The first name looks exactly the same as the way she wrote the state name. Unusual first name though, Ohio? I guess I'll look into the census records to see if I can find her.