Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I really did have good intentions of keeping up-to-date with the Fearless Female meme from Lisa Alzo’s The Accidental Genealogist blog.  I thought the prompts were thought-provoking and like many family historians, the females tend to receive a short shift in my family.  I started out well, but it didn’t take long to fall off the pace.

I understand that these prompts are just suggestions, and there is no requirement to do them all, but I feel overwhelmed because I didn’t keep up. It’s not that I didn’t have ancestor stories to go with the prompts, I just had so much else going on that I wasn’t able to complete them.

In fact, other than a few post-dated blog posts that have appeared or are scheduled to soon post, I haven’t written much in the way of posts.  My goal has been to have something posted everyday, whether it’s only a photo or a day-of-the-week meme such as Tombstone Tuesday.  Right now, I’ve fallen down on the job, in my estimation.

Everyone who blogs on their family history does it a little bit differently and sets their own pace.  That’s one of the benefits of blogging – it’s your blog.  Yet why do I feel that I’m not keeping up with everyone else?

What is it about my personality that makes me feel lazy if I’m not busy?  I’ve a full plate at work, just jumped into local politics, and am trying to start a business on the side and I’m feeling as if I’m underperforming because I haven’t written my daily blog posts.

I have plenty of material on hand for some posts, including recently acquired articles on my blacksheep relative Harry Pierpont, estate records on Eileen’s family, military records of my grandfather, etc.  It’s just finding the time to write them down right now has me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’ll probably just rant a bit and then go back to my old ways – posting as much as possible with post-dated blog posts and hopefully will have something nearly every day.


Gloria said...

You sound like you mother, Travis. Multi-tasking must run in the family. I find it hard to relax...I'm always doing something even when I'm watching TV.

Carole said...

Oh its like you looked into my head and wrote what is in there!!!