Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sisters: Bonnie & Ruby

The following are some photographs of my maternal grandmother, Bonnie Mae (LAMBERTSON) WRIGHT and her younger sister, Ruby June (LAMBERTSON) WALSH.  These came from the collection of my cousin, Mike Walsh.

This first one shows them both as young girls.  As you can tell, the photo was rather rough for wear, having been folded, etc.  However, you can still see both of their adult faces in the expressions of these children.

Ruby & Bonnie Lambertson
This next photo is also undated, but I've been told that Ruby took grandma Bonnie with her on a trip to the Smoky Mountains after my grandfather passed away, so this is at least post-1973.

Bonnie (Lambertson) Wright, Ruby (Lambertson) Walsh in the Smoky Mountains
This next photo was taken in 1976 and from the photo I can identify it as my parents' home outside of Alexandria, Indiana.  Lovely couch and nice wood paneling signify the 1970s.  Obviously it was Christmas time, and I'm pretty sure that is my brother, Jason, playing with the train set.

Bonnie (Lambertson) Wright, Ruby (Lambertson) Walsh, 1976
This next photograph was taken at my grandmother's home at 610 West Broadway, Alexandria, Indiana in 1980.  It was taken with a Polaroid camera.  Remember those? 

Ruby Walsh, Bonnie Wright, 1980

The last picture was taken on Christmas Eve 1983 at Ruby's house.  This was the last Christmas we had with grandma.  She was very ill with cancer and was determined to see her sister at Christmas.  We braved a blizzard to make it to Ruby's.

Ruby Walsh, Bonnie Wright, 24 December 1983


Kellie said...

Great pics. I could definitely tell which one was Grandma Bonnie in the first pick. ha ha I still miss her and wish she could see her great grand kids. Mom and dad just visited Ruby and Bob in Florida last month. Thanks for posting these.

Southwest Arkie said...

Great collection of photos! I have maybe one or two of my grandma with her sister(s)