Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talented Tuesday: Grandma Bonnie's Dolls

Bonnie Mae (Lambertson) Wright

My maternal grandmother, Bonnie (LAMBERTSON) WRIGHT, took up the hobby of making dolls later in life, after my grandfather died in 1973. What started out as making a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls as a gift for her niece turned into a mini-business on the side.  She made a set for my cousin Vickie, whose mom, Ruby, showed her co-workers.  Soon grandma was getting request for other dolls to be made for grandchildren, etc.

Raggedy Ann & Andy

These are some examples of the types of dolls that she made.  These are part of my mother's collection, and she still has the patterns as well as parts that grandmother used to assemble these dolls.

Pilgrim Dolls - always out at Thanksgiving
Little Orphan Annie
These dolls have become a family treasure shared by several generations of the family, and hopefully will continue to be preserved and enjoyed.

Update : Email of 3/11/11 from my mother "Mom made all of these dolls except the raggedy anns, which I made.   However, they are exactly what she made so you could say she made them."

Talented Tuesday – Got ancestors who had a special talent? Be it musical, comical, or any manner of skill, post at your genealogy blog through words and pictures. This series has been suggested by Terri at Southwest Arkie.

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