Monday, May 30, 2011

Exploring WWII U.S. Navy Records Online

Ancestry has placed the U.S. World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949 online, and what a lot of good information I've found this Memorial Day.  The muster rolls give information such as the sailor's name, his service number, when and where they enlisted, as well as movements from ship to ship.  

  • John M. High - he was my maternal great-uncle.  Served aboard the USS Oklahoma and survived Pearl Harbor.  He came onboard the Oklahoma on 9-3-1938 and enlisted in the Navy on 4-10-1937.  It appears he was aboard the USS Sepulga after the attack.
  • Floyd Ray Lambertson - another maternal great-uncle.  He served aboard LST 779, the ship that supplied the famous flag photographed at Iwo Jima.  He enlisted 1-4-1944 at Indianapolis, Indiana and was rated as a "Comm. Rep." [Navy friends - help me out here]

I did not find everyone that I believe should be listed in this database.  Perhaps not all have been indexed.  The information provided is very valuable, including service numbers of the men who served.

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